Talent Recognition


Name any other business process used today which 

  • is over 500 years old,
  • contains inaccuracies,
  • you are expected to use for probably the most critical part of the recruitment process (identifying 6-7 interview candidates from the 100s of applicants), and
  • can be easily gamed
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BUT…. if  you believe that it is essential to quickly :

  • recognise Soft Skills,
  • immediately identify the best candidates to interview,
  • cut time to fill by up to 90%,
  • improve employee retention by up to 22%,
  • eradicate unconscious bias during recruitment,
  • and improve diversity and inclusion

Nor can we.    If you are happy to continue using the CV to make that first cut then this blog is not for you

These blogs will let you deliver your service, faster better and cheaper than currently

Soft Skills

Improving Wellness & Productivity

For the very first time, patented HR tech allows Talent Managers to identify both the soft skills of the individual, and where they can be best deployed to maximise employee wellness and development, productivity and retention.

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Recruiting Metrics

Re-Thinking Recruitment

There will be many more applicants for your vacancy with the skills than with the personality that allows them to flourish. So why is the First Cut made on the basis of skills? Using a 500+ year old format – that at best is full of hyperbole?

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Recruiting Metrics

What Is The First Cut?

When you get this wrong the whole of your recruitment process becomes flawed. This is why large companies and enterprise devote so much resource to this process. Now companies of every size can get this right.

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